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Possible Mediums (February 4, 2019)38:49

John Enright introduces Kristy Balliet, describing the just-published “Possible Mediums” as the essence of collegiality: a collaborative effort that creates a platform for voices of a generation.

Balliet characterizes “Possible Mediums” as an attempt to understand a wide range of emerging design investigations based in speculative architectural practices, defined as Artifacts, Bodies, Furniture, Graphics, Grids, Lines, Narratives, Pattern, Plans, Plastic, Primitives, Profiles, Puzzles, Rocks, Stacks, and Volumes.

Baillet introduces two of her co-authors, Kyle Miller and Kelly Blair. (The fourth co-author – Adam Fure – couldn’t attend.)

Miller describes the Possible Mediums conference, held February 7-10, 2013 at the Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University, in which participants worked in 12 workshops on speculative mediums. He stresses that they understand medium – following Rosalind Krauss – as a logic rather than a form of matter. (Hence "mediums" rather than "media".)

Blair describes the challenge of designing a book out of 42 creators, 72 projects, and 16 essays defining the mediums to which essays by guest contributors respond.

At 18:43, Marcelyn Gow discusses the issues raised by the content and design of not only the book but also the exhibition. She argues that they are not a manifesto of plurality, but provoke the reader and viewer to ask where she or he fits.

At 28:40, Gow and the panelists discuss the book in terms of pedagogy, practice, technical virtuosity, and intentions.

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