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Jessie Reiser : Projects and their consequences (March 28, 2019)01:19:59

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces Jessie Reiser, instructor at Princeton, and principal with Nanako Umemoto in RUR Architecture DPC.

Reiser announces the publication of “Projects and their consequences”, encompassing thirty years of RUR’s work. Creating the book has clarified a number of long-term investigations that involve multiple projects:
•The musical instrument problem
•The textual project
•The surface project
•The rod-net project
•The material project

The book project also clarified their professional genealogies. Umemoto’s influences included Anontin Raymond, Ian McHarg, Tsunekata Naito, Harvey Shapiro, and Kinaksu Kakane. Reiser identified one set of influences in his grandfather Edward S. Klausner and his mother, Debora K. Reiser, who studied with Philip Johnson and practiced with George Nemeny and Richard Henderson. Another set includes John Hejduk, Aldo Rossi, Daniel Libeskind, plus Ysrael Seinuk, Bernard Tschumi, Sanford Kwinter, and Jeffrey Kipnis.

Reiser discusses several RUR projects, including:
•Villa Farsetti (1984)
•Ero/Machia/Hypnia House (1988)
•The Cameo (Root) Plate (1988)
•“The Book of Sigils,” part of the Globe Theater project (1988)
•Contribution to “Semiotext(e) Architecture” (Hraztan Zeitlian, editor, 1992)
•Kansai Library (1996)
•Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Center (designed 2010)
•Taipei Pop Music Center (designed 2010)

At 50:46, Reiser is joined by David Ruy, who challenges Reiser to discuss his methodology. Their discussion touches on influences, receptivity to objects, John Hejduk, re-enchantment, Princeton, genealogies, and architectural pedagogy.

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