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Henry N. Cobb & Eric Owen Moss in conversation (April 14, 2008)01:21:03

Eric Owen Moss introduces Henry N. Cobb.

Cobb describes his relationship with SCI-Arc and his beliefs in the direction architecture should be heading. He discusses his education and his passionate pursuit of architecture.

Citing the Hagia Sophia as an example, Cobb and Moss discuss making new forms in contemporary contexts out of existing buildings. Using Morphosis as an example, they discuss image making and representation, and the conflicts between architects against developers. They discuss public space in terms of creating new ways of inhabiting the urban environment.

Henry Cobb relates his experiences and his knowledge of tower projects by describing several of his projects and their urban intentions, notably Boston’s John Hancock Building. This leads to a discussion of the client/owner relationship, and ways architects work productively.

Cobb concludes by talking about his desire to make towers that move, creating forms that change while moving around the city.

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