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Thom Mayne: 2nd Raimund Abraham Memorial Lecture (March 14, 2012)01:30:28

Eric Owen Moss introduces Thom Mayne with a text accompanied by a clip from Victor Sjöström’s The Wind (1928).

After a few remarks about Raimund Abraham, Thom Mayne discusses the importance of politics, networks, and social issues. He reflects on his overall career trajectory since the 1960s.

Mayne discusses the Caltech building, Cooper Union, the Phare Tower in Paris and the Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration: suggesting that avant-garde individuality is a romantic but outdated notion in today’s reality of the collaborative self.

Mayne discusses values, humanism, Peter Eisenman’s idea of the metaproject, and responds to comments from the audience.

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