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Glen Small : TV interviews on future housing (1978?)35:44

This video contains three different TV news programs, circa 1977/1978.

From 00:00 to 3:19 Bob Rosefsky, KCBS (Channel 2), interviews Ray Kappe, Glen Small and Mike Mitchell on Small’s “Green Machine” and the house of the future (1990s), stressing the need for mass produced, smaller, more efficient alternatives to the single family home.

From 3:20 to 12:17 Alicia Sandoval, host of KTTV (Channel 11)’s “Let’s Rap” discusses with Glen Small and Calvin Hamilton, Small’s “Green Machine”.

From 12:25 to 15:16 Ray Suarez, CNN Newswatch, reports on alternative visions of L.A.’s future, feature Jack Niles on telecommuting and Glen Small on building with nature.

From 27:14 to 31:27, and repeated again from 31:32 to 35:43: an extended version of Bob Rosefsky’s KCBS report, featuring the story of an L.A. couple’s struggle to buy a house.

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