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Bjarke Ingels & Julien De Smedt of Plot (October 12, 2005)01:40:08

Bjarke Ingels and De Smedt founded the firm Plot in 2001. They discuss projects that are often associated with one of the two partners but stem from this partnership. These projects reflect a continuum of ideas, often with a clear lineage from one project to the next, addressing urban environmental concerns of connecting people with their surrounding landscape. They discuss the Vejle Buildings, The Bridge, and the design for a Swedish hotel that would become the People’s Building Shanghai.

Ingels and De Smedt discuss the Aalborg/Copenhagen Harbour Bath, the Maritime Youth House, the Stavanger Concert Hall, the VM Houses and The Mountain, the Carpark, Carsale, Dwellings, the Aqua Center, the Dolphinarium, Wellnesscenter/Wellness Island.

During the question and answer portion of the lecture, Ingels and De Smedt discuss their environmental considerations, their design approach, the reason for naming their firm Plot, the lineage of their projects, and the architectural context of their projects.

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