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Farshid Moussavi (March 28, 2016)02:03:06

Farshid Moussavi proposes that style is about how elements in their multiplicity are experienced in everyday life. She illustrates her argument with several projects, including the John Lewis department store and cineplex, The Yokohama International Port Terminal, La Folie Divine residential tower in Montpellier, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, the Victoria Beckham flagship store, and the mid-size office tower, 130 Fenchurch Street in London. She discusses the projects in terms of multiple elements assembled to engage users. In a discussion following the lecture, Moussavi and Elena Manferdini discuss the question of architecture's audience, finish, color, and the role of the architect today. Moussavi argues that, despite the complexities of the contemporary collaborative building process, architects still have agency, and the ability to explore and invent.

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