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Edge symposium II: Fiction & Entertainment (August 31, 2018)01:01:52

Liam Young characterizes Fiction & Entertainment as an experiment to use the techniques of film, animation and gaming to engage and visualize alternative worlds, and tell new kinds of stories about the emerging conditions of the 21st century.

He notes that two of the projects – by Leah Wulfman and Michel Erler – are immersive environments, not screenings. The other students – Andre Corsini, Viviane El Kmati, Lingnan He, Kordae Henry, Rohini Jadhav, Lara Kobeissi, Te Hsing Lu, Caroline Post, Yang Pu, Fariba Shafiee, Mohammad Soleimanifeijani, Yifan Wang, and Zihan Zhang – created films.

The films by the Fiction & Entertainment students are not included in this video.

At 6:06 the panel begins discussing the work. Issues raised include alternative worlds as a way of understanding the present, dystopia, desire, gaming, different forms of artistic production, misreading, and criticality.

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