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Cyber Monday, Dir. Pierce Myers01:00

Cyber Monday is a short Film by Pierce Myers in the SCI-Arc Fiction and Entertainment program. Pierce, a designer and filmmaker with a background in anthropology, was interested in telling stories that explore our cultural relationship to data and technology. Today we use words like the cloud to disguise the immensely physical infrastructure that spans the globe. Cyber Monday is set in a post-human city of data centre towers, a speculative Indian special economic zone that is not built for us but to support our digital desires. In the city, humans are just an afterthought, a parasitic community living of the resources of the internet infrastructure. Slum-dwellers pirate energy, information, and cooled air from the data tower, and a group of children make use of a different resource: the heat and its updraft to fly their kites. The film follows a battle between two boys who use the wind from the data centres to kite fight, and to claim the skies on their favourite day of the year, when the world goes online, clicks checkout, and buy buy buys.