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Edge symposium: Fiction & entertainment (September 1, 2017)02:12:52

Hernan Diaz Alonso and David Ruy introduce the event. Ruy characterizes Fiction & Entertainment as the Edge program devoted to developing an entirely new kind of architectural discourse.

Liam Young describes the program as an experiment based on the premise that the way we perceive the spaces around us is largely determined by media, and that architects should work in this shared language of films, games, literature, and VR to document existing conditions, project trends, and prototype new worlds.

Young screens the final film projects by Pierce Myers, Tim Wei, Ami Mi, Khevna Shah, Devin Gharakhanian, and Jiansen Huang.

After the screening, the students are joined by Laura Cabo, Ruthie Doyle, Peter Frankfurt, Alexandra Holcomb, Geoff Manaugh, Alex McDowell, Matthew Shaw, Jesse Warfield, and Holly Willis. Their discussion covers issues including place-making, narrative, dystopia, optimism, the technological generational divide, technological solutionism, audiences, future media, visions of the future, and modeling.

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