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Dwayne Oyler, Jenny Wu & Eric Owen Moss: Live Wire (October 24, 2008)01:21:43

Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu discuss their installation “Live Wire” with Eric Owen Moss. Created in collaboration with the engineering firm Buro Happold, Oyler and Wu characterize “Live Wire” as an attempt to occupy the SCI-Arc Gallery in a way that exploits the spatial potential of the existing venue and strives to define an expanded relationship between tectonic expression and functional performance. The installation inserts a vertical circulation system, a stair, linking the floor level of the gallery to the catwalk above and is constructed of approximately 2,400 linear feet of aluminum tubing and rods. The stair, often relegated to pure functional use, is a testing ground for weaving together a multitude of architectural ideas, ranging from the manipulation of light, geometry, and structure to vertical circulation.

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