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Dragonfly, by Emergent & Buro Happold (June 13, 2007)01:29:23

Inside the “Dragonfly” installation, Eric Owen Moss moderates a discussion with the designer, Tom Wiscombe and Kevin Regalado of the firm Emergent, and Steve Boak and Matthew Melnyk of the engineering firm Buro Happold. The panelists discuss “Dragonfly” as an experiment in the fluid feedback of design sensibility, engineering innovation, and the digital fabrication.

Tom Wiscombe presents several projects, including installations for MOMA/PS1, and Dragonfly for the SCI-Arc Gallery. He also discusses a research project for a plaza that generates freshwater.

Matthew Melnyk considers the role of the engineer in collaboration with architects. Melnyk discusses the SCI-Arc Gallery projects that he worked on, which he values for putting a “premium on exploring solutions rather than arriving at the right solution.” He discusses Dragonfly (2007) with Tom Wiscombe of Emergent, Voussoir Cloud (2008) with Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott, Live Wire (2008) with Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu, and If Not Now, When? (2009) with Eric Owen Moss.

Eric Owen Moss, Tom Wiscombe, Kevin Regalado, Steve Boak and Matthew Melnyk discuss issues related to the “Dragonfly” installation.

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