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Conversation between Frida Escobedo and Zeina Koreitem11:14

A conversation between Frida Escobedo [Founder and Principal of Frida Escobedo, Mexico City] and Zeina Koreitem [Design Faculty at SCI-Arc/ Founding Partner MILLIØNS, Los Angeles] as they discuss the evolution of Escobedo’s architectural work and the theoretical attributes of time and temporality engaged in a social practice.

Escobedo’s practice engages art as an integral component of the architecture, evidenced in a broad range of work from installations and pavilions to cultural buildings and residential housing. Koreitem and Escobedo discuss the Pabellón Eco at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City; CLOSE-CLOSER, a Civic Stage for the Lisbon Architecture Triennial; Make New History, a museum installation for the Chicago Architecture Biennial; and a public garden for Exhibit Columbus in Columbus, Indiana.

For Escobedo’s residential projects, the importance of the kitchen as a social space has been a major component of the work. Escobedo’s book “Domestic Orbits” documents her ongoing research on the use of space to conceal domestic labor. Escobedo’s social housing projects seek to make transparent the formerly private space of the kitchen and integrate it with the entire house, and in some cases, groups of houses to better serve extended families. From Territory to Inhabitant [a low-cost housing prototype for the Laboratorio de Vivienda Infonavit in Apan, Hidalgo, México] exemplifies this new communal space in the context of a courtyard housing community.

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