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Charles Eames / Craig Ellwood / César Pelli (November 23, 1976)02:02:54

Three different events are combined on this video:
1. A talk by Charles Eames
2. At 1:15:51, an interview with Craig Ellwood
3. At 1:36:20, an interview with César Pelli

1. The Eames lecture was not a SCI-Arc event; it was sponsored by the AIA. Henry Silvestri and Harlan Pederson welcome the audience. Konrad Wachsmann introduces Charles Eames. Eames discusses his work, and characterizes architecture as an art of modeling. He shows the film "The World of Franklin & Jefferson". Ray Eames joins him on the stage to thank the AIA. Another version of this video is available at

2. Starting at 1:15:51, Craig Ellwood answers questions and discusses his office's design process. He speaks about working in California, residential architecture, and issues of privacy. He makes predictions about the future of architecture in regards to new technologies and energy. Another version of this video is available at

3. Starting at 1:36:20, César Pelli describes his process through describing his philosophies about life. He cites his belief in the reality of the world as he finds it as opposed to idealized views. He compares attitudes about architecture referring to functionalism and formalism. He makes an analogy between the role of the architect and the role of the gardener.

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