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Beyond Neutra & Schindler: Which way to the future? (December 1, 1976) Part 1 of 201:04:42

After some clowning by the media crew, Shelly Kappe introduces the panel of guests. Each introduction is accompanied with slides of the individual's work. Guests include Charles Moore, Frank Gehry, Helmut Schulze, Peter de Bretteville, Roland Coate, and Glen Small. Charles Moore, Frank Gehry, and Helmut Schulze each discuss their ideas about the future. Moore emphasizes the importance of the past. Gehry briefly proposes new material possibilities. Schulze questions the social values of a contemporary commercial society, and notes his concerns about the future of architecture. Peter de Bretteville, Roland Coate, and Glen Small discuss their personal ideas of the future. De Bretteville discusses complexity and its various forms in architecture. Coate discusses diversity in the world of architecture. Coate proposes that the discipline of architecture will cross traditional boundaries with other fields and disciplines. Coate gives examples of Christo, Robert Irwin, and Frank Gehry. Small taunts his fellow architects and labels each with a nickname. Small discusses his work on a biomorphic biosphere. The tape ends before he finishes.

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