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Byron Merritt: Experience innovation (February 28, 2018)01:20:13

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces SCI-Arc alumnus, Byron Merritt, currently Vice-president of Retail Innovation at Nike.

Merritt characterizes his work as creating experiences around Nike products, seen in four dimensions: Product, Service, Communication (language used with consumers), and Environment (places where consumers interact with the product). He stresses the “Acts like …” aspect is inseparable from the “Looks like …” aspect.

Merritt describes several recent projects. He emphasizes that they all are based on scripting a journey for the consumer. He also stresses that the same team designs all the elements of the experience: the narrative, the physical environment, the videos, the lighting, sound, etc.
•The launch of the Fuelband activity tracking device (2012) involving videos, in-store activation experience, consumers sharing their experiences on Twitter, a pop-up venue and events at SXSW, etc.
•Merritt discusses in detail two projects in the Moynihan Station, NYC, embracing the rawness of the dark, cavernous space: the Tech Pack launch, and the Just Do It House of Innovation (both 2013), which created vignettes of Nike Flyknit, Hyperwarm, Dri-fit, Aeroloft, and Flash products.
•The update of the Nike logo for NYC (2013).
•SwooshID instant customization (2014), featuring a digital footwear wall.
•Nike Hall of Innovation for Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) creating vignettes featuring Flynet, running, basketball and training shoes; a genealogy of trainers; a display of uniforms of Super Bowl teams and local high schools; a 40-yard dash track that automatically created Instagram videos for participants.
•Nike By You Studio (2017), in which customers can virtually try different colors and patterns, which can be produced under an hour.

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