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Sheila de Bretteville (1974)01:38:37

Shelly Kappe introduces Sheila de Bretteville. De Bretteville discusses the work of designers and architects such as Eileen Grey, Catherine Beecher, Susana Torre, Mother Ann Lee of the Shakers, and Alice Constance Austin. De Bretteville makes observations about the values of men and women. She compares communication design, object design, building design, and environment design. De Bretteville also addresses the issue of the symbolic nature of form. She discusses rational form's relationship to public space and emotional form's relationship to private space. Sheila De Bretteville discusses her personal work as a designer, specifically a graphic designer. She also discusses her role as a teacher and various approaches she uses to teach her students. Sheila De Bretteville discusses her work with Judy Chicago and Arlene Raven to found the Feminist Studio Workshop and the Woman's building at CalArts. After the lecture, De Bretteville answers questions regarding the school and her work.

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