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BLM Week of Action : 4. Intergenerational, Black Families, and Black Villages (February 4, 2021)03:05:10

Student hosts Allyn Viault and Babatunde-Majadi Adejare introduce moderators Hernán Díaz Alonso and William Virgil.

At 4:20, Jeremy Kamal presents a clip from his video “Mojo : the Floods”, and discusses his ongoing investigation of “what a landscape might look like if shaped by the values of Black culture”, including a water landscape that functions as a sound engineer’s instrument. At 37:04, participants respond to and discuss his presentation.

At 1:03:33, Marlon West discusses his career in animation with William Virgil and other participants. He describes his start in animation, how the animation process has changed, and his recent projects at Disney.

At 1:46:13, Ben Caldwell discusses the KAOS network community-based media consultancy, and Sankofa City, a community design project integrating media in public transportation in Leimert Park, for wayfinding, education, services and activism.

At 2:18:07, DeRay Mckesson discusses the impact of police violence and mass incarceration on Black communities, pointing out difficulties in collecting data and data visualization.

At 2:29:25, Caldwell and Mckesson respond to questions and comments from the session panelists and online participants.

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