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The Endless Market, Dir. Khevna Shah01:00

The Endless Market is a documentary by Khevna Shah in the SCI-Arc Fiction and Entertainment program. As an architect and filmmaker from India, Khevna has been concerned with the extraordinary powers of gentrification in her home city of Mumbai. Here a traditional market, so critical to the cultural identity of the city is being lost, demolished in the shadows of the high priced apartment towers now competing for the same land. The Endless Market is a film, formed partly from interviews and video portraits taken of the threatened multigenerational traders and the fictional conceit a speculative tower, an urban refuge that all the traders retreat to. It is a chronicle of an alternative skyline seen against the backdrop of the glass apartment towers beyond. This endless vertical market becomes a fictional framework through which we view the market stories. The film is part field recording and part CGI world in which the tower acts an archive, a container of loss and a vessel the voices of community on the point of disappearance. Today is wedding day in the Endless Market.