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Beyond Neutra & Schindler: Did Modern Design Improve the California Lifestyle? (September 22, 1976)01:11:43

The tape begins with short clips of the participants.

At 4:19, Shelly Kappe introducing Whitney Smith, A. Quincy Jones, John Lautner, and Carl Maston. Kappe silently presents a selection of slides depicting each panelist's work.

At 13:11, a brief video with highlights of last week's design forum is presented, featuring Gregory Ain, Harwell Harris, Thornton Abell, and Raphael Soriano. Ain argues that architecture is about solving a problem while Harris argues that architecture is about solving personal goals as opposed to social goals. Abell discusses form and function, and Soriano argues that style is thought with a minimum amount of words.

At 25:13 the live discussion begins. Carl Maston remembers Raphael Soriano and reflects on some stories from Soriano's history. Whitney Smith jokes about how various generations all believe they are going to save the world. He talks about the importance of communication, the AIA, and he compares the profession to a fraternity. A.Quincy Jones discusses the importance of ecological design. Lautner defines architecture as a search for a better human environment, the need for meaning in the work, and the difficulty of progress.

John Lautner discusses his arrival in California and getting started as a young architect. Whitney Smith brings up the subject of programming and collaboration. A. Quincy Jones discusses client relationships and programming in terms of a project for a factory. Carl Maston talks about clients in rocky marriages who turn to two things as a solution; building a home or having a baby.

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