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Benjamin Ball & Gaston Nogues: Yevrus 1, Negative Impression discussion (June 25, 2012)53:43

Hsingming Fung talks with Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues about their “Yevrus 1, Negative Impression” installation in the SCI-Arc Gallery. Ball and Nogues discuss their choices to use an iconic Volkswagen Beetle car as a template. They talk about their collaboration with UK-based Scanlab to obtain 3D scanning data. They discuss structural integrity and their use of scale.

Ball and Nogues discuss the process of fabrication. Fung questions them about their use of paper pulp and plywood materials and their use of handmade elements in their work. They discuss the differences between construction and craft. Ball and Nogues propose that this installation falls under the category of disposable architecture.

Ball and Nogues discuss the installations sustainability and its specificity to its environment. They discuss the hand crafted nature of the installation and the high accuracy of the scanning technology. They debate with Fung hand versus machine fabrication.

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