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Peter Pearce (July 8, 1981)01:41:53

Peter Pearce discusses his work in designing standardized parts that can be combined in many ways, creating a multiplicity of arrangements and forms. Pearce discusses his research into natural structures such as snow crystals, beehives, soap bubbles, etc. He describes how these investigations led to the creation of a modeling system that was then applied to real structures and space frame projects. Pearce also discusses the factors that allowed his office to begin to fabricate these structures commercially by creating more efficient and economically viable solutions.

Pearce presents some of his projects, including a skylight structure in Denver, a photovoltaic frame for Saudi Arabia and a public access corridor project for American Airlines. Pearce explains how the structures are fabricated in his factory and how some of the load and tension tests are performed in-house.

Pearce presents projects by his office, including a series of playground, roof and exhibition structures that use space and shell frame systems. Pearce discusses his interest in integrating energy efficient devices in the structures as well as blending architectural elements such as stairs and handrails.

Pearce answers questions regarding his future plans, his commitment to fabrication and efficiency, materials and fabrication techniques as well as his belief that design is a response to performance.

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