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Andrew Zago: Field notes (February 19, 2018)58:52

Hernan Diaz Alonso welcomes Andrew Zago back from his sabbatical, stressing the value of faculty informally sharing their work with colleagues and students.

Andrew Zago describes how his office engaged with the idea of a monograph of their work. Out of a timeline of everything from juvenilia to recent work, they selected 101 projects, texts, studies, etc. But the format of the comprehensive architecture monograph, from Guarini’s Architettura civile (1737) to Rizzoli’s“Buildings and Projects” series of the 1980s and 1990s seemed inappropriate. The idea emerged of multiple, different publications of different kinds of work: instead of a Monograph, a Polygraph. Collaborating with designer Lorraine Wild, and Jurgen Maelfey of Art Paper Editions, eleven publications are planned:

•Notes on representation and other studies
•Aks Runo/Shirdel Zago Kipnis (1987-1991)
•Andrew Zago and Zago Architecture (1983-1996)
•Chairs and other furniture
•Detroit work: Zago Architecture (1996-2008)
•L.A. work: Zago Architecture (2009-present)
•Instagram feed
•A Polygraph exhibition
•A Polygraph exhibition catalog
•Collected writings (and diagrams?)

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