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Agustín Hernández (October 29, 1980) Part 2 of 359:36

Agustín Hernández discusses his work and shows photographs of his school for the Ballet Folklórico, in Mexico City which incorporates Mayan and Aztec influences. He states “monumentality is qualitative, not quantitative,”: the result of materials, scale and proportion. Hernández talks about the design of his office, citing the magical and cosmic attitudes of the Mexican people and explains Mexican mythology. Hernández describes how the structure of an umbrella influenced the design of his office. He shows the hospital and maternity ward he designed. He jokes that he tried to make the ward “into a factory for babies.” Hernández talks in detail about his design of a large military school for the army. He says the psychology and politics of the client made it his most challenging project. Hernández calls “architecture a game with a very strong responsibility.” He talks about the historical symbolism of the circular form and his use of it in developing a lock and key factory in Germany.

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