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A Concert of jazz and improvised music : Carter, Cline, Golia, Filiano, Grossman (November 20, 1988)01:51:46

After Michael Rotondi’s introduction, at 4:46, Richard Grossman performs a piano solo.

At 10:46, Grossman introduces the musicians:
•Alex Cline (percussion)
•John Carter (clarinet)
•Vinny Golia (multiple instruments)
•Ken Filiano (bass)
Grossman announces that the concert will consist of compositions for quartet and quintet by Golia, plus free improvisation.

13:01. First piece.
24:57. Second.
34:54. Third.
51:48. Fourth.
01:02:12. Intermission. Note: The end of the fourth piece and intermission announcement is repeated after color bars.
01:06:13. Fifth piece.
01:20:39. Sixth.
01:29:52. Seventh and last.
01:49:29. Applause, thanks, and final bows.

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