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Mario Gooden : Black Holes aint so Black (February 23, 2022)47:20

After Marcelyn Gow’s introduction, Mario Gooden’s presentation begins at 7:57 with no images and no sounds.

At 8:52, an audio collage begins, followed, at 11:08 by an animation depicting black holes. Animated forms are followed by still and video images.

Throughout the presentation, Gooden’s words are accompanied by a soundscape – including ambient sounds, voices, and music – and still and moving images – including photographs of iconic personalities, art and architecture – including images of work of his firm Huff + Gooden Architects. (Sources of images and sounds are credited at 45:52)

At 16:04, Mario Gooden speaks about events and space as described by physics, histories of spaces defined by anti-Black racism, and political, artistic and literary attempts to realize a Black commons, “to imagine and to image geographies of freedom, known and unknown”.

At 46:14 the black hole animation from the beginning is repeated.

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