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Mehmet Sander (March 2, 1994)01:48:41

Mehmet Sander discusses dance as a combination of space, time, human movement and gravity. He talks about his background and how he became a choreographer, and presents a manifesto on dance. Some of his principles include dance being task oriented and gravity being the main initiator Sander explains why he doesn’t use music in his dances and discusses the questions he asks himself in order to evolve as a choreographer.

Sander presents two videos. The first, from 1986, features performers using plywood to change their space. In the second, performers are suspended in a transparent structure.

Sander and dancers from his company perform four dances emphasizing athleticism, strength, speed and endurance. First, Sander performs a nude solo piece “18.” Next, four dancers perform “Summation of Forces.” In the third, “Initiation of movement,” five dancers work in a 15 x 15 foot square mat. Sander performs by himself the last dance, “Single Space,” in which he moves inside a freestanding square. Sander affirms that in this piece he choreographs the space and that his body is just a site.

During the question and answer session Sander describes why he choreographs mostly in squares and also explains the timing in his pieces. Sander discusses the influence of the architect Louis I. Kahn in his work and his interest in collaborating with space designers. Sander concludes by talking about his current and future projects.

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