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SCI-Arc 50 and 50: Education, Collaboration and Practice

SCI-Arc 50+50: Education, Collaboration and Practice


SCI-Arc alumni and faculty reflect on the role of a SCI-Arc education in this film honoring SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary. Connections between designing, exhibiting and building are explored as different ways of making a contribution to architectural and cultural discourse at the school and in the community.

SCI-Arc 50 and 50: A College Without Walls

SCI-Arc 50+50: A College Without Walls


This film celebrating SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary presents an inside look at SCI-Arc’s three campuses from the founding of the school in 1972 to the present. SCI-Arc alumni and staff share their stories and memories of the “College Without Walls,” constructing an oral history of the school.

SCI-Arc 50 and 50: Exhibitions and Curatorial Perspectives

SCI-Arc 50+50: Exhibitions and Curatorial Perspectives


In honor of SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary, this film focuses on the role the SCI-Arc gallery has played since its inception as a platform where SCI-Arc faculty and guest exhibitors develop new work specifically for the site. The film includes glimpses of various exhibitions that have been presented over the years and includes faculty perspectives on the importance of the gallery for the culture of the school and the city.

SCI-Arc 50 and 50: Arts and Architecture

SCI-Arc 50+50: Arts and Architecture


This film celebrating SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary explores perspectives on the intersections between architecture and the arts. Several SCI-Arc alumni and faculty consider various facets of SCI-Arc’s engagement with the art world and Los Angeles.

SCI-Arc 50 and 50: A Thesis School

SCI-Arc 50+50: A Thesis School


In honor of SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary SCI-Arc alumni and other members of the SCI-Arc community speak about the importance of thesis as a graduating student’s final project in school and the first project in their professional career. Several alumni describe their thesis projects and the transformative effect thesis had on their design work and practice.

SCI-Arc 50 and 50: Archiving the Future

SCI-Arc 50+50: Archiving the Future


In honor of SCI-Arc’s 50th Anniversary, SCI-Arc graduates, current students, faculty, and leadership speculate on the future of architecture in the next 50 years, speak to the voices they’d like to hear from in architecture, and predict what we will see in the archive of the future.

SCI-Arc 50 and 50: Into the Past and Future

SCI-Arc 50+50: Into the Past and Future


In this film celebrating SCI-Arc’s 50th anniversary, SCI-Arc graduates, current students, faculty, and leadership reflect on the cutting-edge design, innovation, and experimentation that have characterized the world-renowned institute throughout the past 50 years, while imagining what it will become in the next 50.