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Electro Botanica, Dir. Tim Wei01:01

Electro Botanica is a web series developed by Tim Wei in the SCI-Arc Fiction and Entertainment program. Born and raised in Brazil and trained as a landscape architect Tim has always been interested in our cultural relationship to nature. In Electro Botanica, Tim has developed a set of short vignettes of a world where nature is technology. The films follows the launch of Samsung Botanica’s newest cellular device, the ESP 3.0, the first Smartplant to be sold as a seed and nurtured by customers to functional maturity. A device of smell emojis or smojis, germination, pollination and ejaculation and spore m s. In Electro Botanica we visit an absurd post-biotech California, a city where cell towers are deciduous, pollen allergies are dysfunctional, and Adderall fruit tastes like strawberries. On the eve of ubiquitous GM, engineered climates and the radical Anthropocene how might we recalibrate our relationship to this moving target we call nature.