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Made in L.A. 2018: Curator Conversation at The Hammer Museum15:58

Join Art Forum writer, Kavior Moon as she discusses Made in L.A. 2018 at the Hammer Museum with exhibition curators Anne Ellegood and Erin Christovale. Kavior, Anne and Erin not only discuss the exhibition as whole but also specifically unpack the large-scale installations of Mohn Award Winner, Lauren Halsey, “anchor” artist, Charles Long and multimedia installation artist, Nikita Gale.

Crew Credits -

Creator and Executive Producer - Hernan Diaz Alonso
Producer - Marcelyn Gow
Director - Reza Monahan
Director of Photography - Sean Morris
B Camera - Robert Moreno
C Camera - Armeen Monahan
Sound Engineer - George Wymenga
Production Assistant - Michel Erler

Story Producers - Brendan Ho/Reza Monahan
Editors - Sean Morris/Reza Monahan

Soundtrack by:
Chris Zabriskie
"Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To"
"CGI Snake"

Additional Images and Video Provided by:
The Hammer Museum and the Artists

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