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Peter Wilson: Western objects, Eastern fields (March 21, 1990)01:27:18

Peter Wilson argues that we are in a turning point of history, where mechanics are being overtaken by electronics. He predicts that this will impact our perception of space and soon this perception will beget new methods of production. Wilson discusses a series of interior design and residential projects in London with his partners Julia Bolles and Eberhard Kleffner, stressing materials, construction details, and UK building regulations. He discusses their Münster city library, which he describes as a simulated city that’s integrated with its site in the real city. Wilson describes a bridge project for an art exhibition in Holland. He describes an urban study commissioned by the city of Rotterdam, which analyzed the city in terms of vectors and satellites. He presents two projects that re-use de-commissioned structures: one using old bridges in Rotterdam, the other utilizing defunct industrial machinery to respond to the voids and fragmentation of the city of Berlin. Wilson discusses a collaboration with Toyo Ito that studied nomadism in Japan.

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