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Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee: Too fast to live too young to die (March 12, 2014)58:39

Mark Lee of JohnstonMarkLee’s discusses projects that fall under the category of Single objects, including houses in Argentina, Chile, Oxnard, and Spain. In the Poggio Golo Winery, Tuscany, (2010) and the house in Brentwood (2013), the geometry begins to reflect the topography. Sharon Johnston discusses projects that are Doubled in different ways, including the house project for Ortos (2009); the Pavilion of Six Views, Shanghai (2013); and the En Sully housing development (2010). Lee and Johnston discuss projects that expand from the Double into the Multiple, such as the Grand Traiano Art Complex, Grottaferrata (2008); the houses under one roof in Kauai (2011); UCLA Graduate Art Studios, Culver City (2011); and the Menil Drawing Institute, Houston (2014).

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