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#SCIArc: Architecture in the Age of Digital Media (September 22, 2016)01:50:32

Bruno Juricic moderates a symposium on the speculative directions for architecture in relation to contemporary digital culture with Lucy Redoglia, Devin Gharakhanian, Birgit Lohmann, Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, and Benjamin Bratton. Within Juricic’s framing axis of the issue of dissemination and the issue of attention, the panelists describe their projects, and debate how media are being used, and how does their use impact the message? Lucy Redoglia describes LACMA’s use of Snapchat. Devin Gharakhanian describes how SuperArchitects began as a platform for architecture students to show their work. Brigit Lohmann characterizes designboom as a design project—not journalism—that curates submissions. Amelia Taylor-Hochberg describes Archinect as a source for news and discussion of the whole range of issues of concern to architects. Benjamin Bratton proposes that rather than attention, the most significant aspect of new media is interoperability. The panelists discuss images in social media, the use of social media as an aesthetic end it itself, urban augmented reality, and how platforms can become unwitting research tools for businesses.

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