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Mark Goulthorpe of dECOi Architects (February 25, 2004)01:33:23

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces Mark Goulthorpe of Decoi Architects.

Goulthorpe argues that the essential difference between digital technology and previous technologies used in architecture is the capacity to model variance. He describes how digital technology has allowed architecture to accept uncertainty, variability and mutability that parallels Darwinian national selection. Digital technology opens up for architecture new possibilities of improvisation and experimentation.

Goulthorpe discusses how his office Decoi is rethinking the creative process and research through digital technology. He presents a series of projects where space configurations are generated by explorations of movement and human interaction. Goulthorpe presents the competition project entry for an interactive surface that responds to users. He describes the evolution of the project from several prototype explorations of software and hardware until a more final full size interactive piece is deployed.

Goulthorpe presents a project for an apartment in Paris and another for a gallery space, describing the transition from formal development through digital technology to fabrication; and a project for an apartment extension in London and its development, from parametric form-finding to fabrication.

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