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Right Now, Session 3: Aberrations, synthetics & weird nature (September 26, 2015)01:00:07

Marcelyn Gow prefaces the session by asking what the terms aberration ("straying or wandering from a proper course or position") and weird ("the agency by which events are predetermined") might mean right now. Ferda Kolatan argues that in the absence of generally accepted norms, it's hard to speak of deviations. Lucy McRae discusses how her work explores new possibilities of human/machine interaction. Theodore Spyropoulos characterizes his own work as less a pursuit of weirdness than an engagement with new, everyday realities. Rhett Russo discusses his experiments to find hands-off ways of working with ceramics. M. Casey Rehm discusses his augmented mirror, and photo-manipulation works as part of larger cultural practices. The panelists discuss strategies of overtness or subtlety in terms of engagement, user interaction, and open extensive simulations versus reductive abstractions.

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