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Polytopes: The architecture of soundscapes (February 23, 2011) Part 1 of 201:19:36

The event begins with an electronic music performance by The Health and Beauty Consortium. Jean Michel Crettaz discusses the MediaScapes program and the relevance of sound to architecture. Crettaz introduces panelists David Rosenboom, Steve Roden, Carolina Trigo, Juan Azulay, Lance Putnam and Curtis Roads.

Artist Steve Roden presents a live electronic piece created with audio and video samples collected from SCI-Arc.

David Rosenboom discusses architect and musician Iannis Xenakis and the relationship between music and architecture. Rosenboom plays a sound piece from the 1960s created from resonance maps. He also plays a video of Xenakis teaching. He concludes by presenting a sound project created from his own brain signals. After, he answers several questions from the audience.

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