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Polytopes: The architecture of soundscapes (February 23, 2011) Part 2 of 201:29:08

Carolina Trigo characterizes her work as an exploration of how sound resonates with bodies and the built environment. She presents part of “Ora Lucia,” citing Georges Bataille and Spinoza. Juan Azulay presents “Aural Bestiality,” on the relation of architecture and sound. He plays sound samples of naturally-produced radio emissions from the planet Saturn. Azulay refers to John Cage and Walter March, the sound designer for George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola.

Lance Putnam describes his work as an exploration of the connection between sound and graphics, especially sonic spatial structures. He presents a piece from 2007 to shape waveforms using filters, and an audio-visual piece from 2010, “Wrapture.”

Curtis Roads talks about his opportunity to study with Iannis Xenakis. Roads plays some samples and shows some images. He describes a building designed by Xenakis as a score mapped to three dimensions. Roads talks about the AlloSphere experimental multimedia environmental at UC Santa Barbara. After the presentations, Craig Hodgetts and the other participants discuss the place of emotion in the work.

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