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Peter Calthorpe (February 17, 1984)01:29:18

From 56:27 to 57:10 there is no image or audio, but otherwise the video is watchable.

Peter Calthorpe describes the impact of Buckminister Fuller's technological optimism, and the sharp reaction against it in the later 1970s. He describes several projects in detail, including a hand-built house in Maine, a plan to transform Hamilton Air Force Base into a Solar Village, a pedestrian-oriented community in Chino Hills, the Bateson State Office Building, and two mixed-use and housing development in Sacramento.

[From 56:27 to 57:10 there is no image or audio.]

Calthorpe responds to audience comments regarding power generation, contextualism, appropriate technology, and Postmodern architecture as an attempt to appropriate some of entertainment's power and resources.

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