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Odile Decq: Beyond horizon (October 12, 2011)01:22:18

After being introduced by Eric Owen Moss, Odile Decq describes her design for a new wing for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO), stressing the importance of the roofscape in the life of the city. She explains the relationship between her intervention and several facades of historic significance. She shows a series of models which illustrate the evolution from initial experiments in occupying the space to the final project design. She shows images of the completed project.

Decq discusses a project for a restaurant at Charles Garnier’s Paris Opera. She reviews the history of the building and the decision to modify a former carriage entrance for the restaurant. Decq explains her response to the constraints of the project and the struggle between establishing views of the dome from beneath and increasing proximity to the facade at the mezzanine. The form of the mezzanine establishes unique ambiances for the spaces above and below. She goes on to present a French Regional Contemporary Art Funds (FRAC) museum in Rennes, featuring a monumental work by Aurélie Nemours.

Decq presents her proposal for a new terminal for the port in Tangier. She explains how the unique social mix of tourists and migrant workers informed the overall organization. She discusses material choices in a context where there is always either a salty or a sandy wind blowing. Decq presents a project for offices floating on the Seine, based on a model from astrophysics.

Decq shows a project to modify a mega-yacht by including a continuous surface deck as well as internal organization. She creates a seamless integration of programmed elements on the deck with the surface itself and inlays windows which provide light below during the day and create lighting effects during the night. Decq presents a series of images showing her strategy for flexible partitioning of the cabin spaces. She then shows a series of furniture designs including a bar and seating for the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

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