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Nathan Bishop: Sitings (March 12, 2010)42:06

Jenny Wu introduces Nathan Bishop, noting his teaching at SCI-Arc and his interest in materiality and material connections.

Nathan Bishop describes teaching at RISD, and shows some work produced in his studio there. He discusses some of his own projects that are focused on site and place. Bishop describes the Schneider House in Westport, as a set of events in plan. He characterizes the O’Keefe residence as a set of events in section.

Bishop discusses a series of projects in which episodic ordering systems are applied at urban scale. One inspiration was the shifting identities of characters in David Lynch’s 2001 film “Mulholland Drive.” Bishop identifies five sites and their accompanying “episodes,” including an area at the edge of Boston defined by a fragmented edge condition. He discusses urban mapping techniques, citing Giambattista Nolli’s 1748 map of Rome. Bishop presents a video of an installation in Paris.

Bishop presents a competition entry for a new school of architecture in Melbourne. He addresses the formal organization of the building, characterizing the project as a distribution of events that encourage encounters between different groups of students.

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