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Modern Architecture Mexico / Charles Eames / An Eames Celebration (1981)02:04:04

This video contains three different items.

1. Shelly Kappe interviews Enrique Del Moral, Augusto Alvarez, and Augustin Hernandez. Another version of this is available at

2. Starting at 40:23, Charles Eames speaks at an LA/AIA event honoring his work with Ray Eames. He discusses a need to reinstate continuities between disciplines and refers to principles conceived of by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Young architects not only do not know how to draw, but are not fully educated in the humanities and the sciences. Ray Eames joins Charles at the end of his talk to thank everyone.

3. Starting at 52:17, Perry Miller Adato's 1973 documentary "An Eames Celebration," made for WNET, which feature extensive interviews with Charles and Ray Eames about their house, product designs and films.

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