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Mike Davis (September 27, 1995)01:44:50

Michael Rotondi introduces SCI-Arc’s lecture series and gives a brief description of upcoming events. Rotondi welcomes Mike Davis, and comments on his talents, abilities, and motivations.

Mike Davis discusses weather in Los Angeles, specifically the westerly jet stream known as “The Pineapple Express.” Davis outlines the history of damage caused by natural disasters in Southern California, and he notes how popular culture has a fascination with the destruction of Los Angeles.

Davis discusses the complexity of California’s Mediterranean climate, arguing for a new “environmental epistemology.”

Davis calls for a rethinking of California’s resource and disaster planning. Noting the extreme hydroclimatic shifts throughout California history, Davis suggests a disruption of capitalist hydraulic civilization in California is almost inevitable.

Davis answers questions from the audience. He discusses the Northridge earthquake and systems for disaster relief. He also discusses the relationships between the environment, politics, cities, and suburbs.

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