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Michael Rotondi (April 9, 1997)01:40:49

Introduced by his son, Ben, Michael Rotondi gives his final lecture as Director of SCI-Arc. Learning how to teach from being a father, Rotondi describes SCI-Arc, “the strong willed love child,” as his greatest teacher. Believing that anything imaginable is possible, the work of Roto Architects centers on natural, abstract, and mythological order. These are ways of knowing and seeing that deal with the basic architectural problems of space, order, form, structure, material, and construction. The Teiger Residence project began at Morphosis as an experiment to see if it could be designed without a primary section or elevation, and explored the concept that a building can enhance the experience and understanding of a site. These ideas persist as drivers for subsequent projects including the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, the Carlson-Regis Residence, Warehouse C, and Sinte Gleska University.

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