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Material Beyond Materials: Panel 4: Manufacturing construction (March 26, 2011)01:28:13

Craig Hodgetts introduces the panelists.

Greg Lynn discusses how shift to composites prompts an aesthetic shift, and changes in how we think about assembly, design, and form. Lynn discusses several types of projects, including furniture, boats, art, and architecture.

Peter Testa discusses the logistical, material, formal, spatial, and operational aspects of his design process. Testa presents projects that deal with fiber behavior (Automorphic Strand Tower), and an ocean-based energy infrastructure (Vaporware). He also discusses the SCI-Arc Robotics and Simulation Lab (SRSL), and the implications of robotics in new design paradigms.

Bill Pearson describes how North Sails company developed lightweight, flexible composite sails in the high-performance sailing industry.

The panelists discuss the trickle-down of innovative processes and technologies into the mainstream, the use of molds versus pulling fibers through a die to achieve free-form fabrication, and antiquated methods of building construction.

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