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Karl Chu (March 31, 1994)01:32:00

Eric Kahn offers three scenarios for an introduction to Karl Chu.

Chu discusses the metaphysical underpinnings of the term “architecture,” citing Socrates and Plato. Chu reviews various models of reality, acknowledging physically possible and impossible worlds. He argues that reality is the embodiment of modal space, giving rise to the conception of infinite, possible worlds. Chu revisits Einstein’s theory of relativity, emphasizing Einstein’s recombination of existing theorems. Chu expresses his interest in cellular automata, which he illustrates as diagrams of attractors.

Continuing his discussion of cellular automata, Chu presents an audio-visual piece entitled “The Midas Touch.”

Chu answers questions from the audience regarding the topic of modal space. He addresses the limitations of software in expressing his ideas visually.

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