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Lawrence Halprin (November 17, 1982) Part 1 of 201:02:03

Barbara Helton-Berg introduces Lawrence Halprin, and invites the audience to the opening of his exhibit at the SCI-Arc Gallery.

Lawrence Halprin argues that architecture should create deeply emotional places for human beings to live in, be creative in, and live out biologically sound lives. He stresses that architecture should be more than the sum of its parts. He shows archetypes of religious architecture from around the world and discusses his own work.

Halprin discusses his work on the Sea Ranch in Sonoma County. He describes his process of working, and argues that there is a universal need to create particular forms.

Halprin presents slides of his work, and comments on the current state of architecture. Halprin questions the meaning, content, and intention of architecture, asking what might be the real value of building places.

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