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Jing Liu: Order, edge, aura (January 31, 2018)56:18

Elena Manferdini introduces Jing Liu, principal with Florian Idenburg and Ilias Papageorgiou in the firm SO-IL.

Jing Liu begins by mentioning SO-IL’s recent book, Solid Objectives: Order, edge, aura (2017), and stresses how the three terms identify the territory of their practice:
•Order (including elasticity, contingencies, and the creation of relationships)
•Edge (including awareness of context or frame)
•Aura (including ideas of personality, political agency, fiction)

Liu mentions their “Pole Dance” installation for P.S. 1. (2010), and the “Breathe” residential prototype, Milan (2017), and discusses in detail three projects:
•Kukje Gallery, Seoul (2012)
•CTF Museum, Hong Kong (forthcoming 2020)
•Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, UC Davis (2016)

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