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Frank O. Gehry & Roland Coate, Jr. interviews (April 23, 1976)40:25

Shelly Kappe interviews Frank O. Gehry and Roland Coate, Jr.

Gehry begins by talking about his influences which he admits are eclectic: Rafael Soriano, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Ed Moses, Robert Irwin, Donald Judd. Gehry describes a project for Ron Davis and explains how he enjoys working for artists. He claims to be optimistic about the influence that changes will have on him. To conclude Gehry describes his interest in education, and explains the project he is developing with his sister Doreen Nelson for elementary school education.

Starting at 13:03, Roland Coate, Jr. describes his current influences: Charles Eames, the Los Angeles freeways, Luis Barragán and the architectures of Pre-Columbian cultures. Coates describes how his work process integrates with his life. Coate argues that architects of the present belong to the last period in which technology exists, but isn't accessible, comparing their situation to that of pre-industrial visionaries like Ledoux and Boullée.

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