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Edge symposium II: Architectural Technologies (August 31, 2018)01:40:10

David Ruy introduces the second EDGE Symposium, noting that part of the program’s project is exploring alternative formats of review.

Marcelo Spina and M. Casey Rehm describe this year’s focus on the problem of automation and artificial intelligence, especially making, fabrication, and implications for experience. The site is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Los Angeles Music Center, which was intensively surveyed with Lidar technology.

At 15:00, the student presentations begin:
•Feryal Farahzad & Leila Khodadad, “Propagative Context”
•Jenan Al Sabbagh & Muotaz Abbas, “Mega Micro Cities”
•Hseng Tai Lintner, “Cyborg Urbanism”
•Jinsoo Kim & Mahdi Jandaghimeibodi, “Virtual Exhibition”
•Marcos Dana, “AI Arc”
•Eddye Traverso, “Translucent Fabrication and Assembly; Neural Net Materialized Objects”
•Maxime Lefebvre, “Periaktoi”

At 46:22, the panelists respond to the presentations, raising a range of issues, including VR as hallucination, making invisible digital processes visible, exploiting the unique capacities of tools, scale, the most recent history of the digital, hyperdensity, literal transcription, truth to material, choice of data sets, AI as a sorting machine, authorship, and the future of the Music Center.

At 1:30:52 Hernan Diaz Alonso offers concluding thoughts.

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