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Dominic and Christopher Leong (November 18, 2020)46:41

After Tom Wiscombe’s introduction, Dominic Leong outlines some ideas behind Leong Leong’s work: the unity of aesthetic and social practice, ambiguity in terms of form and material; convergence of multiple parts, functions, and structures; and an interest in boundaries, ritual and spatializing informal collectivities.

At 16:21 Chris Leong discusses in detail two projects:
--The Center for Community and Entrepreneurship, Queens, NY.
--Senior affordable housing on the site of Elizabeth Street community garden, NYC.

Dominic Leong describes background, design and current progress of The Los Angeles LBGT Center.

Dominic concludes, “Now seems to be the time to revaluate the hierarchies, the figures, the behaviors, and the North stars that we have used to orient ourselves not only to the present and the future, but to our imaginations in relationship to each other. What this calls for is a kind of disciplinary ego death. … We are asking ourselves these questions: Who benefits from our actions as architects? Who is harmed? … How do we use our privilege to make space for others and use our platforms to amplify voices that have historically been excluded?”

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